Types of Standards

Quarter Standard.....10" to 18" clear stem length
Half Standard..........18" to 30" clear stem length
Full Standard.......... 30" to 42" clear stem length

Given a good strong growing cutting, most varieties of Fuchsia can be made into a standard. Give it a try. One word of warning, for a beginner, don't try and grow a full standard, unless you have the room to keep it frost free over winter, they do get rather large.  Also, a full standard is awkward to transport, if you intend showing.
The trailing varieties of fuchsia generally make good standards but do need pinching out at every leaf joint to make the head compact. The big danger, if you don't tighten the head, is that the branches get so long that when it does flower, the weight of the flowers might snap the branch, especially if the flowers are wet.  

To look at more Standard Fuchsias that were on show at the Diamond Festival 1998

Mini Standards
T he definition of a Mini Standard is one with a clear stem of at least 6" to 10" in height between soil to the lowest branch.
You are limited, if showing, to a 5.25" pot and this does dry out quickly in warm weather.
This type of standard fuchsia is the nearest to 'Bonsai' that we get, and does live many years. They can be kept in the house but require frequent spraying to keep high humidity, or their leaves and flowers fall off.
Most of the small single flowered Fuchsias are suitable for this class.

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Quarter Standard of 
Pink Fantasia

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Mini Standard of
Wigan Peer

Mini Standard
Sophie Louise
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