Transporting Fuchsias

One of the biggest lessons that I learned in 1997, was on how to transport Fuchsias, when I took a quarter standard of ROSE FANTASIA to the BFS Northern Show. I had to travel about 15 miles to the show and had my wife holding the standard under its rather full head, all the journey.
Everything went alright until I was carrying the standard on to the stage area, when I caught one of the large drapes around the stage, it broke one of the branches of the standard and in no time at all, three other branches broke off too.
Talking to the experienced showmen, the general consensus of opinion was, that with travelling with the head unsupported, that this had contributed to its demise.
I should have wrapped the head in a large fine net or light-weight fleece with a cross cut in the centre then tied corner to corner like a turban, or tubular muslin cloth slipped up from the bottom, both these two alternatives need two people to execute.
Anything that will stop the branches flexing and moving in transit is the main thing.

After taking all the care and attention, growing the standard, it is heart-breaking, when on the show day, this sort of thing happens.

Take heed, without due care, this could happen to you.