- a  Personal view

Dawn Star

As always, when it comes to show time, there are the inevitable excuses by some members :- , the weather is either too hot, or too cold, too sunny or too wet. Their Fuchsia aren't ready, a week too early, or too late. There are a thousand and one excuses.

Do we, as more experienced growers, put people off , are the members too shy ?
Perhaps, they think that because they can't grow like the experienced members, they will be shown up.

When showing, you have to start somewhere, where better than the beginners and novices classes.

I feel that all members should try to show at least one plant, you owe it to the Fuchsia, the flower that we all love.

If we are truthful, none of us thinks that the particular plant is good enough, but you never really know until you put it on the bench.
Unfortunately, many show people, show to win and stick to only proven show winning varieties, a little too narrow for my liking, I feel that we should try to show a few other "non-show" varieties.

This year, I found that these drew the attention of the general public. I derive a great deal of pleasure from being asked about the more unusual "non-show" varieties, " Dawn Star", shown above, is an example. 

Lets face it, the general public haven't got the patience to grow a show type plant but do enjoy a startling Fuchsia grown in a mixed basket. They don't want to wait to have a large flush of flower, then having to wait another 3 or 4 weeks for the next flowering.
We have to " wet" the newcomers appetite into growing Fuchsias, first and foremost.

As the growers become more experienced, then the showing side of their nature takes over.


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