-  To Show or Not To Show


After the atrocious weather conditions that we have experienced here in the North West of England, one could only wonder if there would be a Fuchsia in full bloom by the 15th August 1999.  The schedules were out and the closing date for entries loomed and still the committee were full of encouragement for beginners to enter.   We heard phrases like "If no-body entered there would not be a show" and "It's far  better to be a participant than a spectator", so it seemed a case of - Go for it !!!!!

The entry forms duly completed, followed by a great deal of consideration as to which plants would be suitable, then we have the dressing, cleaning and fiddling - we've all been told of the importance of this side of things, so great care must be taken. The night of staging arrived and the rain and gales with it. There were now doubts as to whether the plants would travel safely.

Would they stand up to the journey ? Why did we enter ???

On arrival at Worsley Garden Centre, everyone again was very helpful and guided us in the right direction for the very first show to be entered.   Encouragement again !!!.  

So off home again, only to worry and wonder, if the right choice of Fuchsia had been made - Ah well there's nothing more to do now but wait and see.

Saturday morning dawned - Oh what long morning !!!   Then came the time to travel back to Worsley, to learn our fate.    Full of trepidation this time - smiles all round from some members and then off to see what had happened.   To great surprise we found coloured cards by our plants - Shock - horror and surprise - we had made the right choice of plant, which had obviously been dressed properly and Oh the excitement of it all !!!!

All to be said is:-   Go for it, better to be a participant than a spectator and most of all - try to do better next year.

Anon 1998

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