John Dargavel

1935 - 2018


It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that one of our Past Presidents, John Dargavel, has passed away.

John was born in Gorton , Manchester, grew up in Heaton Mersey, Manchester.

He was in Army Pay Corps, in his National Service.
The week after demobilisation, he met Beryl, whom he married in 1960.
They had 2 daughters, Sue and Jeanette, 4 grand children and 1 great granddaughter.

He worked, in his life, for the Railways, CWS, for a solicitor in Stockport, and in 1978, for Monarch Assurance, until he retired in 2000.

Living in Burnage, he met Fred Morris, one of our past presidents, who brought John and Beryl to our Society. John managed to get the Society a substantial donation to Society funds, which was extremely handy, from Monarch Assurance.

John was President of our Society on two occasions, 2010 -2013, and 2016.

He was a great ambassador for Salford and Bolton Fuchsia Society, a wonderful and gifted talker, promoting the society and making many new members, at various seminars and demonstrations that we held.

John was also, a class 1 football referee and athletics coach and timekeeper.

John and myself, had a lot in common, Fuchsias, and Computers, and spoke about computers for hours.
He also used to guide the silver surfers of Burnage, through their computer difficulties.

John will be sadly missed by all at Salford and Bolton Fuchsia Society but more than anything else, he will be very sadly missed by all his family.

Carry on your good work, John, in your next port of call, they will appreciate it.

George Foster





Alan Holland MBE
18th January 1936 - 2nd May 2018

President 2003

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that our Past President and Chairman, Alan Holland MBE has passed away.

Alan was born in 18 January 1936. He married Audrey on 26th July 1958. It would have been their diamond wedding anniversary this year. They have two boys, Paul and Michael, and have 5 grandchildren, Katie, Lewis, James, Sarah and Isobel.

Alan's career was with Water industry, virtually since he left the Army, where he was a member of the Army Medical Corps. He started in the Manchester Town Hall basement directing the hand carts, the outside gangs used on leakage repairs. He then moved into the Water control office in directing mobile Watermen on emergencies. Alan became the Senior Control Officer directing all mobile men, gangs, taking numerous complaint call from the public. At all times he was calm in emergencies, experienced in dealing with Police, public utilities and pacifying irate consumers. He had a splendid attitude and a confidence well beyond his rank. He was well thought off within the Water Industry for his knowledge and for all this,
he received his MBE award in 1994, for services to the Authority & Water Industry.
Alan earned respect & admiration from all his colleagues.

Alan joined Salford and Bolton Fuchsia Society in 1982, where he has been a stalwart ever since, being on the committee ever since, serving as President and as Chairman for many years.
Alan was a deep thinker, balancing what was correct and what was the best for everyone.
When at a meeting, he always made a point of having a chat with everybody.
He loved his fuchsia, especially what he called “real “fuchsias, “Encliandras”. This love of Encliandras came from Fred Morris, Bryan Breary and Trevor Strickland, all Encliandra devotees. He even converted me into growing these fuchsias.
He promoted gardening in schools, getting the youngsters interested early in gardening.

He was Father Christmas at St. Saviours in Ringley for many years, a cuddly chap, who made everyone feel at ease, bringing joy and happiness to thousands of children and he will be greatly missed by these also.

Alan had another passion, clocks and watches. Their house is full of them, along with cats, dogs and tropical fish.
He was a great calligraphist, recording for local journals, Church events and with Salford and Bolton Fuchsia Society.

Alan will be missed his conversation and humour and despite this last two years of continual bad health, operations and recovery, he never once was heard to complain.
Alan died peacefully in his sleep in Bolton Royal Hospital on 2 May 2018.

This news floored us, but I'm convinced this is somewhat of a blessing, for he is no longer in pain, he has been through so much.

I hope that he creates a fuchsia society in his new home, passing on his great knowledge of all things. I wish that I had gained more fuchsia knowledge from Alan and learned more from him.
A genuine gentleman of many skills and attributes he will be missed by family and friends alike.
It is doubtful that any obituary can show the well earned honour and respect that he engendered to many throughout his life.

Alan carry on your good work, so long pal, you will be sadly missed here. Bye Alan.

George Foster
with help from
Geoff Carter





Arthur Dicker

It is with great sadness, that I have to inform you of the death of Arthur Dicker, who died peacefully on the 11th December 2016.

Arthur has been with associated with Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society for many, many years.
A well respected member, who quietly listened , then gave his considered view on matters.

Arthur was born in London, in fact, within the sound of Bow Bells.
He married Beata and after living over a butcher shop for a while, they visited a member of their family in Kearsley, they found a property and moved to Kearsley.
After living there for a number of years, they moved to Little Lever, their final home.

Arthur did many jobs, and finally worked for Procter & Gamble, in Old Trafford, Manchester.
After retiring, he took on a role of After Retirement Officer, visiting newly retirees giving advice.

Arthur loved his Fuchsias and dancing.
He was a member of Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society and for many years, an auditor for our Society, passing his knowledge on.

Arthur was a gentleman, a person that you were privileged to have met in your life.

He leaves his wife Beata and two sons.

On behalf of all his many friends at the Society, may I say, that he will never be forgotten .

George Foster




Alan Goodwill

26th Sept 1919 - 13th Aug 2016


It is with great sadness, that I have to inform you of the death of ALAN GOODWILL, who died peacefully on the 13 th August 2016.

Alan was a Past President of Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society and also a Life Member.

He was married to Brenda Goodwill for 72 years, until her passing three years ago. Brenda and Alan were members of our Society for many years, a well known fuchsia growers and lovers of all things fuchsia related.

Alan and Brenda met in York, during WW2, whilst Alan was serving in the RAF, serving as a rear gunner in bombers, he also did service in Italy.

He was quite a character, who stood no messing, speaking his mind at all times, very outspoken and to the point.
Both Brenda and Alan were members of our committee for many years.

Alan leaves a Son and Daughter, Roger and Rowena.

My abiding memory of Alan was, at our Annual Show at Barton Grange Garden Centre, whilst in office as President, he leaned against a stand where our Show Draw Prizes were being displayed. All the stand and prizes went over and fell off. The first prize being a TV, which I won, and up to press it's still working. Thankfully, Alan did not hurt himself in falling with the prizes. I can still see the expression on his face, thinking to himself, “ What happened there then ? “.

All our thoughts and prayers go to Alan's family, at this sad moment in time, from all of his friends at Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society.




Brian Beaver
10 May 1941 - 28 July 2011

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the death of BRIAN BEAVER, who died at Royal Bolton Hospital, on Thursday 28th July 2011.

To all who knew Brian, recognized the tireless work he carried out on and behalf of Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society, which he joined in 1982. He served with distinction, the office of Society Show Manager.
Over the years, Brian was at the core of society activities. He was rewarded with the Presidency of the Society and was made a life member, for his commitment to our Society.
Brian was Vice Chairman of the Society up to the time of his death. He will be really missed and will take some replacing. He was a truly tireless worker.

Brian was a long standing member of the British Fuchsia Society and fully supported its work in promoting its activities.

Brian entered hospital to have a hip replacement in January 2011, after which he had a sudden heart attack. He then had a fall, dislocating the new hip. Following several setbacks relating to his hip replacement, Brian had to have a heart bypass, at Manchester Royal Hospital. This was a successful operation, enabling him to return to Royal Bolton Hospital. He was looking forward to returning home, when Brian suddenly passed away.

Brian leaves behind his brother Les, who Brian lived with for many years. I personally, will miss a longstanding friendship of over 30 years, sharing many varied interests, especially fuchsias. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Our thoughts and prayers go to his brother at this sad moment in time, from all of his friends.

Alan Holland MBE
Chairman, Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society

Brian Beaver

a personal reminience

Brian joined Salford and Bolton Fuchsia Society soon after the first meeting of the Society in 1982.
During his time with the Society, he has been Show Manager for a number of years, before taking the Presidency of the Society, this honour, he was justly proud, and latterly as Vice Chairman.
He was true stalwart. For all this work for the Society, he was made a Life Member.

Brian was a truly tireless worker for Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society, always there when anything needed doing, either at Society meetings, the Show, demonstrations or workshops, always amongst the last to leave.

I have had a close friendship with Brian since I joined the Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society, and recently we worked together producing PowerPoint presentations of all aspects of growing fuchsias, for our showing at Fuchsia Society meetings. Most Thursday evenings, Brian came to my house, for the weekly rundowns, I would build the presentations and Brian was the perfect foil, to pass on his knowledge of fuchsias, by coming up with constructive criticism or otherwise, to the presentations. The time passed extremely quickly on those Thursday evenings with our discussions.

Brian accompanied me on visits to other fuchsia societies in the North West and Yorkshire on several occasions, spreading the fuchsia word. I shall treasure this work with Brian.

I think that the abiding tale of Brian that I have, was shortly after I joined the Society. He had, at the time, an allotment, on Clifton Moss, where grew all things and kept all sorts of animals, including a goat. Brian was growing a lovely half standard fuchsia of Phyllis, his pride and joy. Until one day, just before a show, the damn goat got out of it's enclosure and took a great shine to Phyllis as a meal. Before Brian could rescue Phyllis, the goat had eaten half the head of the standard. Steam was coming out of Brian's ears. All Brian's good work on the standard went down the goat's throat. I don't think the goat stayed long on the allotment after this.

Brian will be looking down on us now with great pride of how much Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society have achieved during the time he was a member.

Good night, Brian, your suffering is now over, we'll meet somewhere, sometime, in the future and will hopefully be growing fuchsias.

George Foster




Allan Taylor
26th May 1929 - 25th June 2010

It is with great sadness that I have to inform Society members of the sudden death of Allan Taylor, our Society President, who died in Salford Royal Hospital on Friday 25th June 2010, due to heart failure, at the age of 81 years.

Allan was one of the founder members of Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society. He was an active member serving on committee and was made a life member in recognition of his work and was made Vice Chairman, until in April 2010, when he was made President of Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society, which was so richly deserved.

Over the last few years, Allan conducted our Society's monthly Fuchsia Workshop, which has produced many first class fuchsia growers over the last few years. He was involved with many aspects of growing fuchsias and truly was a very knowledgeable person and who was always willing to pass on information to all who asked him.

Allan is survived by his wife Edna, and sons, David, Michael, Brian, John and daughter Karen. Our thoughts go out to his family at this sad time. How proud they must be to have a wonderful father, who was truly a true gentleman in every sense.

He will sorely be missed in all that we try to achieve at Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society.

On behalf of all your many friends at the Society, may I say that you will never be forgotten.


Alan Holland MBE, Chairman
July 2010







Jean Taylor :- 1934 - 2006

On 8th November 2006, Jean Taylor, our Secretary for the last 5 years, suddenly passed away.

Jean has been a tireless worker for Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society, since she took over the post from Barbara Breary.

I have been privileged to have worked closely with Jean, it was a great pleasure. After guiding Jean through her first tentative steps as Secretary, asking how to do this or how to do that, she blossomed like her fuchsias, into a wonderful Secretary.

Jean was a tender, sensitive person who always put the welfare of others, before her own needs. Always doing what was in the best interest of the Society. She was so precise, if we were going on any trip or meeting she would have reconnaissance trip beforehand, just to make sure that there were no hiccups along the way.

Not only was Jean associated with Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society, but did voluntary work at hospitals and also her doctors surgery. Recently, Jean took on the Secretary post of the joint Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society and Manchester Fuchsia Society, that is charged with running the 2007 NorthWest Fuchsia Societies, Fuchsia Festival at Stretford, Manchester.

All these tasks Jean took on after retiring from the teaching profession.

We all will miss Jean severely, but not as much as by Alan, her husband and three daughters, Lesley, Chris and Jill. Our condolences go out to them at this sad time.

Jean believed that you only get out of life what you put in, by heck she put plenty in. Never complaining, always upbeat. I am sure that Jean got plenty of pleasure out of her endeavours, as everyone else did that can into contact with her.

My most treasured and vivid memory of Jean was in 2003, when she won " Best in Show " and B.F.S. Bronze medal, with her " Billy Green ". Her face was an absolute picture to treasure, she never expected to win this honour for Jean always considered that she was a beginner and novice. She was like a young girl again, walking on air. A Wonderful Memory.

Jean Taylor will be missed by all at Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society.

Bye Jean.

George Foster
Treasurer, Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society



Barbara Breary, 1933- 2004
Secretary, Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society, 1982 - 2002

t is with deep sadness,
that I have to inform you of the death of Barbara Breary, who passed away on 1st May 2004, in the Royal Bolton Hospital, Bolton, following a long period of illness.

Barbara was a founder member of SALFORD & BOLTON FUCHSIA SOCIETY and over many years was a tireless and willing worker for our Society. History

She served for many years as Secretary, and for this work was rewarded by giving her a Life Membership of our Society.

Barbara will be remembered by the many friends that she made whilst accompanying her late husband, Bryan Breary, a B.F.S. National judge, on his journeys throughout the country.

She will be sadly missed by our Society and many other organisations that she was associated with.

Our sympathy and sincere condolences go to her brother Vincent and family, at this sad time.

Alan Holland, MBE
Chairman, Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society




Frederick Morris, 1917- 2002
President, Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society, 1992 - 2000

The sudden death of
Fred Morris came as a shock to all those close to him, leaving a void in that group of friend's lives which will be difficult to replace.

Fred's knowledge, not only of the cultivation of Fuchsias, but his extensive knowledge of matters relating to the Species, was something to be admired.

Fred was always ready to talk to anyone who loved Fuchsias and was always there to offer advice, and help for the beginner to acquire an insight into Fuchsia world.

He was known up and down the country, at numerous events held by societies, from Scotland to Cornwall.

In 1960, Fred really got hooked on Fuchsias, This was after a visit to the late Jim Travis. Over the years, Fred and Jim became good friends and it was Jim that encouraged Fred to try his hand at being an hybridist. Over the years, Fred proved to be very adept and successful in this field. He was never in any hurry to profit by his successes, but ever ready to pass his plants on to his many friends.
He would spend many hours with the late Bryan Breary, the founder member of Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society and myself, exchanging ideas for cross-pollination of fuchsias. He always maintained that God's creatures, the bees, did a better job than the hybridist.

I feel so proud and privileged to have known Fred for over 25 years. He will be sorely missed not only by me, but his society friends at Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society.

The Fuchsia world has lost one of the nicest gentlemen, I have had the pleasure to have known. I am sure that you will all join me in expressing our sincere and heartfelt sympathy to his family at this sad time, and I say to Maureen, Ian and Joe, how proud they should be of their father's life. He will be long remembered by all who loved and admired him.

Alan Holland, MBE
President, Salford & Bolton Fuchsia Society

Fred's Window

Fred will be forever remembered by his daughter Maureen, for she has had a special commemorative window made, with one of Fred's beloved fuchsia in it.

Here is a photo of it, with an encliandra called "Fred Morris" in front of the window.
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