2002 Annual Fuchsia Nursery Trip

Quick march, Fuchsia Nursery this way !

The Master

Cuttings Galore

Leonard Von Fuchs


Hanging basket demonstration



Our Annual trip to fuchsia nurseries took us, firstly to Mike Oxtoby's Nursery at North Cave and then on to Langland's Nursery and Garden Centre at Shiptonthorpe.




It was nice to see Mike after his operation and his able helpers, all eager to assist with one's queries and show you where a particular plant was.

We were lucky that we made Mike's our first stop, for when we had ravaged the place for the best and choicest cuttings, another coach arrived.
They say that the early bird catches the worm.

Mike's nursery is a veritable storehouse of out-of-the-ordinary fuchsia.

It is always nice to see a number of fuchsias in flower, especially ones that you haven't seen before.

Generally, having the trip at this time of the season is fine for the getting the cuttings, but we do miss out on the sight of the fuchsias in full bloom. 
To see this spectacle, means another trip later in the season, with pen and paper, to note down the cultivars that impress each and every one of us. 

Shows are very well for seeing the fuchsia grown at its best, but it does restrict the choices to show varieties as opposed to seeing the unusual.






After a good meal, it was on to the coach again and off to Langland's at Shiptonthorpe.

Langland's is a Nursery and Garden Centre, and a pretty impressive place it was too.
The vast area of staging under glass gave the plants ample room to grow into beautifully balanced mature specimens.

It did not have the range of a dedicated fuchsia nursery, but with a range of 150 varieties, there was adequate choice. 
I found myself looking carefully at the fuchsia with view that this one would make an excellent basis of a show plant.

Langland's organised a demonstration of making up hanging baskets.



It's funny how one says ' that's it, no more ', you can always find that plant that takes your eye. 
' Fuchsiaitis ', that dreaded affliction takes hold again and it's into the pocket for the last bit of money.

I am coming to the conclusion that our members have good deal more money than I give credit for, or is it that the can't resist a fuchsia plant ?

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G. Foster
23rd April 2002

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