Since Salford and Bolton Fuchsia Society have had a presence on the Net, we have had many, many interesting Email friendships develop, from all around the world.

These friendships can become rather special and none more than with Julio Guri, from Barcelona.
Julio, who has been a source of plenty of technical advice and inspiration on Internet things, and has a fuchsia site on the internet at Julio's Garden.

In May 1999, Julio and his wife were over in the UK, to see the Malvern Spring Show and to tour the fuchsia nurseries, topping up their fuchsia collection. He accepted our invitation to attend our May meeting, at which Arthur Tickner was speaking, about Species.

I think that they enjoyed the occasion, for in Spain, there are no fuchsia societies as such, and he was fascinated by everything. He didn't realise that there were so many interested people. I think that Julio welcomed the opportunity to question the speaker on the finer points of growing.

In recognition of him being the first overseas visitor to our society meetings, we presented him with an honorary membership of Salford and Bolton Fuchsia Society.

It was nice to have some time with Julio, talking fuchsias, getting a different fuchsia  viewpoint, face to face, instead of in Emails.

The biggest difference between growing in Spain compared with the UK, is the hot dry atmosphere in Spain as opposed to our cooler wetter conditions that we have to endure in the Northwest of UK.

One of the points that Julio mentioned was that it was difficult to acquire good growing compost, but above all, it is the scarcity of choice of varieties of fuchsia that are available in Spain.

We have now a better, less insular view of growing fuchsias now, for we all have some form of difficulty, there's no perfect conditions, except in the fuchsia's native environment.

Any fuchsia growers from all around the world, that are in the Northwest of the UK, visiting or on holiday, are welcome to attend our meetings, just contact our webmaster

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